How can I pay your fees?
By transfer the money to our bank account in Saudi Arabia. Please contact us for more details.

    How much do I have to pay?
For information only, our fee is 120 US $. For full application to certain university, our fee is starting from 350 US $ (depends of the country and university). Please be advised that the payment is nonrefundable.

    Do you have free services?
Yes ,There are free services when you apply to university through our center or when you apply for more than 3 services you get one free.

    What is the time required to provide me with the information?
The time required depends on the information requested. It may take anything from 72 hours to a week.

    What do you need to know before you study abroad?
Before you study abroad you have to: - Choose the country and to know as much as you can about it. - Choose the university and know every thing about the requirements, documents, and language tests. - Get the approval from the university or language institute - Make a time table of pre-departure arrangements such as: health insurance, travel reservations, phone cards, bank account, accommodations, visa procedures. You can use our services to help you in all your pre-departure plans

     What is the resume? Can you help me to build up my own resume?
A resume is a one or two page summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, and experience. Your resume's purpose is to get your foot in the door. A resume does its job successfully if it does not exclude you from consideration as it makes a lasting first impression. For more information and help please contact us to provide you with some professional help in this regard.

    What is the statement of purpose?
Statement of purpose is a letter contains of 500 words, required for master and Phd students. It must explain: Your purpose of graduate study, the area of study in which you wish to specialize, Your future use of your graduate study, Your special preparation and fitness for study in the selected field, Any problems or inconsistencies in your records or scores, You may also be asked, "Why do you wish to attend this school?" So it is recommended to do some research about the school and know what its special appeal to you. Above all this, the statement should contain information about you as a person. They know nothing about you so you should tell them some thing about you, e.g. personality, hobbies, etc. You are the subject of the statement.

    Can you help me in the visa process?
Yes, we provide all the information needed to help the students to get their visa

    What is the I-20?
The I-20 is a statement from the English center in USA that insures the acceptance and the starting date of study. I-20 is essential to get the visa to USA.

    What documents do I need to get a recognized, special course approved?
- Copy of all certificates (true copies or original), - Copy of transcripts (true copies or original for master and PHD Resume, - Three recommended letters, - Statement of purpose, - Copy of a valid passport, -Financial guarantee.

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