2022 Guide to the CTU Financial Aid Refund, Student Loan Forgiveness & Debt Discharges

CTU Financial Aid Refund

If you are Colorado Technical Institute (CTU) student, you may qualify for the student loan refund. According to the lawsuit against Career Education Corporation, the company should forgive approximately $500,000,000 student loan from CTU, American Intercontinental University, and Le Cordon Bleu students. The main reason behind the lawsuit was about the illegal actions of the parent company against its students. The Career Education Corporation mislead students about its universities and convinced them to enroll at these schools. Today nearly 180.000 students could benefit from CTU financial aid refund. But the forgiveness will be available for those who took institutional student loans. 

Career Education Corporation has admitted all the illegal actions. The corporation has accepted that it provided false information about average income and job placement rates of graduates. The incorrect data has convinced thousands of students to enroll at their schools. As a result, the lawsuit accused parent company based on its false advertising. According to settlement, Career Education Corporation will not only stop collecting student loans. At the same time, the company will contact with Credit Bureaus to remove all liability from students’ accounts. It means if you owe a debt to CTU, you will manage to delete all that debt from your account. 

About Colorado Technical University

CTU Financial Aid Refund

The University has started to operate in 1965. Its campus is in the city of Colorado Springs. Now the University offers both online and campus-based classes. It provides master, bachelor, associate, and Ph.D. degrees. Students of Colorado Technical University are facing challenges in CTU financial aid refunds. The lawsuit against the University accuses the University of this situation. Primarily, students accuse the University about the false advertisement, zero student customer service, poor career opportunities, etc. 

We want to mention that the University is not going to close down. However, the lawsuit against the parent company will require to make all its operations more transparent. Now Colorado Technical Institute will provide more precise and real data to its potential students about its recent graduates. All students who would like to attend CTU classes will receive a one-page document describing several important information about the institution. In this document, CTU should explain its job placement rates clearly. At the same time, students should see information about the costs of education programs, and the average salary of graduates. The document aims to provide people with real data about the University and give students a better idea about the value of programs. 

If you have student debt from a different institution, do not worry. Firstly you need to decide whether it is a federal student loan or private student loan. If the loan you took is national, you will have lots of options. You will be eligible for at least one of them. Keep in mind that there are lots of choices for student loans. You need to Google for a specific program and find out how you could be eligible for it. 

CTU financial aid refund 

If you want to remove your student loan debt, we have good news. Having a federal student loan will help you a lot while removing your student loan. You can discharge the total student debt via Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program. But to do so, you need to prove that the institution has committed fraud action against you. This way will help you a lot to discharge all your student loans. The best point in your case is that the institution has already accepted its illegal activities. During your BDAR claim, you could use that point to accuse the University. Please manage to include the indication of false advertisement of the University. 

If you are a student of Colorado Technical Institute, then you are searching for different ways to remove your student loan. The process for being eligible for a CTU student loan forgiveness program would sound complicated for you. Therefore, to find a consulting agency during this process will be better. The agencies that work with student loans are professionals in this area. They work with student loans every day and can solve your problem quickly. At least, getting their advice for your situation will make the steps easier for you. 

If you were a student before January 1, January 12019, or December 31, 2013, was your last at Colorado Technical University, you may be eligible for the loan forgiveness. 

Borrower’s Defense Repayment Program

Let’s consider University has guaranteed you that you will get a job after graduation. But in the end, you have realized that it was a false advertisement from your University. Additionally, it was not the case only for but for other students as well. Consider another example. You may face a situation where the resources of your study program are different from the program advertised. If you have observed one of these situations, you may qualify for the Colorado Technical University forgiveness program. In that case, you will apply for the program through Borrower’s Defense Program. This program will allow you to be eligible for CTU financial aid refund and receive loan forgiveness. At the same time, you may qualify for the forgiveness program. 

If your University has given false information about its study programs or graduates, you may apply for Borrower’s Defence Repayment Program. You will claim that the University has misled you and violated state law. Federal Government has created Borrower’s Defence Program to protect students from false advertisements. While applying for CTU financial aid refund, do not forget that the claim is against your institution. If you want to be eligible for the program, you need to provide facts and support them with the required documents. Briefly, your University has misled you, and you need to explain why you deserve that student debt discharge

Application Process

Note that the application process will take time, and you will have only one chance to apply. Prepare your documents beforehand to make the process easier. You need to collect all the false information that your University has provided to you. While fulfilling the application, do not forget to upload all the documents that contain false advertisement by your University. In the end, you will get one response. It could be positive or negative. If the answer is definite, which means you are eligible for the program, you will receive a partial or full discharge. In the case of partial discharge, you will need to repay the remaining debt. The loan will contain interest accounted for the student debt. 

Getting a negative application response is also possible. In that case, you will not receive any CTU financial aid refund. And you will be responsible for all your student loans, and you need to make a monthly student loan repayment to erase the money on your account. The credit will include interest on your credit as well. This lawsuit will be a massive step toward the CTU student loan forgiveness problem. We want to mention that the settlement does not cover federal or private student loan forgiveness directly. It will be available for those who took the money directly from Career Education Corporation. 

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