2022 Guide to the Westwood College Lawsuit


One of the main problems with the modern education system is student loans. These problems have become a barrier in front of youngsters who wish to build a life from a stretch. Students take loan during their studies and work 15 years to pay back this loan. Students are dreaming about universities like Westwood College, but once they start to study they realize that reality sometimes does not match with dreams and a variety of problems arise like Westwood College Lawsuits. Many universities require a tuition fee that is almost impossible for an average citizen to pay. As an alternative, they offer student loans which should be paid later on. These loans bring a new problem, millions of a new starting people with student loan debt even at the beginning of their “new“ life. Westwood College Lawsuit has been the center of debate many times, and each side wants to prove themselves right.

Who is to blame? Students? Westwood College accreditation? Or maybe capitalism for causing such an environment even in universities?

The answer to the famous question: Why Westwood?


Westwood College was one of the most famous universities in the US, and it was founded in 1953 and had 15 campuses from Denver to Virginia. They provided students with tons of educational materials and online courses. Scientists from Westwood universities had brought fame to the education center.


As most of the public grad schools, the income of Westwood College was from commercial deeds. Mainly, t-shirts and outfits that universities bring money to the university more than student tuition fees. To rely on statistics, 90% of the university revenue comes from t-shirts and likely consumer based products.

What was the Westwood College Lawsuit?

In 2012, many concerns aroused about Westwood College due to scam emails, advertisements about deceiving job opportunities. Westwood College is for- benefit company, that means they deal with social problems. It was like that with Westwood but on the surface. After many fraud job ads, they got sued by student clubs and defenders recruited by families. One student had an issue with the Westwood College Lawsuit because of not keeping their promises. She said, when we get enrolled in the university, she believed that after graduation she would find a job and that’s why agreed to pay 86.000$ for the college as tuition fee.

Another victim said she paid 25.000$ for online bachelor degree of interior design and ended with knowing the government did not accredit the course and her credits are not transferable. These and similar actions put the reliability of the college in shadow. Day by day students avoided coming to this university, because of reasons highlighted in our previous blog about Westwood College lawsuit.

As a result, the college submitted the blame for their unethical business actions and agreed to pay $4.5 million. Asking the question of is that enough to bring those deceived students’ time back or their stressful university days would answer with NO. Though, Westwood College somehow compromised their financial stability. But to be honest, the organization has lost many things by those scam news. The most shocking factor was that in 2009 the university was one of few graduate schools that the government indexed high transparency rate in this university.


If you noticed any scam during your university admission process or after being admitted contact us to get consultancy on frauds and how you can deal with this situation. Moreover, you could find more information about student loans, how to decrease the amount of it and find available conditions for loans by visiting our website


In 2011, the Veterans Administration highlighted fraud actions of the university. The main point was advertisements, enrollment processes of students and misguidance to students. Due to pressure from the administration and objections from students the university did not receive new students from 2011. After all these unfortunate events the university closed and all campuses stopped their function to teach. the Lawsuit continued and the university issued to pay to compromise student’s lost money.

The Westwood College Lawsuit process continues to this day, and still many people left without resolving their rights. Right now, many people sue the Westwood college and get the number of loans they paid back. The university announced the loan payback program for its ex-students.

In 2015, after the court and persistence of one the attorney’s Colorado the university agreed to pay back student loan debts. That was also revealed that credits had been given with up to 18%. Costs of courses on the Westwood’s web site were lower than the actual value. Graduate wages have been exaggerated for attracting students to the university.  

The university was officially closed in 2016. After their last graduates, the university underwent several lawsuits, court processes again. In 2018, by the condemning of the Department of Education, $150 million paid back to reported university students including Westwood College students. This payback time is active during 2019 as well through two different programs.

One of them is specifically about Westwood College Lawsuit. In case of still being enrolled at the college, you get full payment back. The second way is Borrower’s Defence Claim where you have to prove that Westwood College violated any rule and you take your credits and decide not to continue your education in this university.

If your university is closed and student loan repayment programs get assisted by our experienced team members. The documentation process is an annoying and teasing process as it will make you spend weeks even months for a single sheet of paper. We offer you a fast and effective way of regulating all your loan procedure.

With Borrower’s Defense program, a student approves that s/he will not continue to her/his education at Westwood College because the university has done something illegal. In case of being Westwood College student, it will not be unmanageable to get back your money, because you can find many fraudulent activities of this university and we’ve mentioned many of them above. And if you fill out forms without any mistake and away from ambiguity you potentially could get all the money you paid at the same time with your debt credits. From the official website, you can download Borrower’s Defence Claim form.

Discharging Westwood Loans


For being eligible for this program you should continue your training at the university for almost four months (120 days) before closing. Neither you should continue your education at another university, nor finished all your program at Westwood College. To apply for Discharging Westwood Loans program, you can visit the official website of the Federal Government. Overall, your chance of obtaining positive result after rejecting to study at Westwood College is higher in Borrower’s Defense program.


If you loaned because of any of the universities in the US and you are one of many people to be scammed contact our team, and notify us about recent changes. We consulted many students who can not pay their loans or have a huge problem related to Westwood College Lawsuit, forgiveness programs, and other options. Share your story with us and let us help you.

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