Argosy University Student Loan Forgiveness

A non-profit Argosy University which owned by Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH) and Education Management Corporation started its work in 2001. It was offering more than 50-degree programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and associate’s degrees. It contained four schools including the Forbes School of Business, the College of Education, the College of Health, and the College of Liberal Arts. You may have heard the name of university because of Argosy University lawsuit in the past years. Starting from 2006 the university began the long series of trials. In March 2009, the Department of Education shut down the access of Argosy University to the Federal Financial Aid Program . It means that students of the university could not benefit from Argosy University student loan forgiveness program to finance their education. Fortunately, Argosy University managed to handle the process much more successful than other closing universities. It has immediately provided detailed information to its students about what options they have and what steps they should take. However, the university has failed to give information about how its students could discharge their Argosy University closing related federal student loans .

Short Timeline of Argosy University

As we have mentioned, the university has agreed to pay $3.3 million for false advertisement and deceiving students about the accreditation process. Because of the deceptive marketing strategy, students thought that the university was working on the accreditation by the American Psychological Association, and the university could maintain it before they graduate. In 2015 the university was planning to close the Art Institute of California in Silicon Valley. However, later in November 2015, the parent company decided to forgive more than $100 million student loan debts in response to the claims about violating student protection laws. After the department of the university stopped admission of new students.

In March 2017 the university administration was intending to sell the schools to the company called Dream Center. The process of transaction closed in November, claiming that the Dream Company could continue working with the Argosy schools that have stopped accepting new students.

The Argosy University lawsuits started in 2009 by students claiming that the university deceived them about the accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA). They alleged that even the university could not finalize the accreditation process by the time they graduated. The following parent company of Argosy University called EDMC stated that they have not applied for the accreditation because they do not need to obtain APA accreditation in most of the jurisdictions for clinical psychology licensure. They refused to pay the charge of fraud and stated that the accreditation process for the Dallas campus was continuing. In 2013 Argosy University Campus in Dallas was not offering any degrees in clinical psychology and was not in the list of university’s College of Clinical Psychology. After Argosy University lawsuit, in 2013 it agreed to pay $3.3 million.

In 2010 PBS launched a program called “College, Inc” about non-profit universities and Argosy University was among 15 universities that listed. The program accused the university of deceiving and committing questionable actions while reporting to applicants of the program. Later, the Government Accountability Office said that changes to the report undermine many allegations, but the overall message of the story and findings of the university are still the same. In 2011 Florida Attorney also investigated the Argosy University lawsuit because of student complaints.

About Argosy School Closing Discharge Program

There is excellent news for those who have taken the student loan but still could not complete the credit requirements for getting their diploma. Those students could have direct access to the Argosy School Closing Discharge Program. It is especially beneficial for students who face the Argosy university closing problem and could not complete their credit requirements because the schools shut down their doors. With the help of this student loan discharge program, students with incomplete credit requirements could eliminate their student loans.

It is difficult to qualify for the discharge program, but differently, from other student loan forgiveness benefits, this program provides quick delivery to the students in other words. If you apply for the program, you will not need to wait for years for the Department of Education to review your case and report the result. You will immediately receive whether you are qualified for the discharge program or not. It is great because in that case, you will lose your time while waiting and hoping for the positive result from the Department of Education.  For determining if you qualify for a student loan discharge program, let’s review the requirements of eligibility for Argosy university student loan forgiveness.

Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness Help

If you struggle with Argosy university student loan forgiveness, then you should get help with that. Because the employees in these agencies are dealing with the student loans every day and they have enough experience for solving different kinds of student loan problems. They will help you to figure out how you can eliminate your student loan debt. For the Argosy university student loan forgiveness you can work with one of the experienced agencies, and they will review your case attentively, give their advice about switching student loan repayment plans, getting forgiveness benefits, and provide the best way to erase your student debt.    Learn More

Who can qualify for the Argosy university discharge program?

Now we will walk through all the details about how you can qualify for the Argosy university student loan forgiveness, but now the following section gives a basic idea about who may be eligible for the Argosy discharge program:

  • If you are still a student with credit debt and even could not complete your degree when the Argosy University shut down, OR
  • Argosy university shut down within 120 days after you withdraw from their program, OR
  • You were in a lease of absence when the university shut down. In one of these cases, you qualify for the Argosy university student loan forgiveness.

If you qualify for one of the points mentioned above, then you will immediately receive forgiveness, and your loan will zero independently from which federal student loan you have. If you think you qualify for the discharge program, we highly recommend applying for it. However, note that you will lose all the credits you earned during university years we still recommend to eliminate your student loan debt because the name of Argosy University is gutter right now and it will be difficult for you to transfer your credits to another university credits. Additionally, it will be challenging to get a job with the diploma of Argosy University.  Learn More



Benefits of Argosy university student loan forgiveness

One of the essential benefits of discharge program from Argosy University lawsuit is that it eliminates your student debt and help you to be debt free. The second advantage here is that you will no longer need to pay taxes for a forgiven student loan. If you are to pursue another federal student loan, you need to pay fees for the forgiven student debt. And finally, qualifying for Argosy university student loan forgiveness is so easy and you do not need to wait for years for the Department of Education to review your case, define if you qualify for the discharge program, and work with the student loan servicing company to eliminate your debt. After applying for discharge program , the DEO will review your application and define whether you were a student within 120 days after the closure of the university or you were in a leave of absence at the time of closing. If you fit their criteria, then they will eliminate all your student loans related to Argosy University. Therefore, Argosy university student loan forgiveness is one of the most straightforward and easy discharge programs that you can apply. If you are sure you have a chance to be eligible for the program, we advise you to use it.

Some disadvantages of Argosy university discharge program

Not everyone will try to eliminate their student loans because of some disadvantages that forgiveness program owns. The most obvious problem is that while applying for a discharge program, you sacrifice all the earned credits, your time, and effort. If you erase your debt related to Argosy University, then it means you will also delete all the won credits. In other words, you will reset the education you gain while studying at Argosy University.  If you qualify for the discharge program, you will not be able to transfer your earned credits to another school program, and you will need to start from zero. The one option you will have is to start another college from scratch and get another similar education. For some people, the sacrifice they make is, yet for others, it does not mean anything at all. As you can see, it depends on your situation what you care. If you have time and energy to start from scratch and get another degree, then you can think about applying for discharge program.

If you have very little debt and you are going to finish one of the high-value degree programs soon, then you can think about transferring your credits into another school program and complete your degree. However, if you have a vast amount of student loans that you struggle to pay and also you have several free credits you can think about applying for discharge program. While considering to ask for student loan forgiveness believe that whether your degree will help you to a good job or not. If you find yourself capable of finding an excellent job with your current university degree, then you might want to transfer your credits to another school program.

Again we want to mention that the discharge program is not the best option for every Argosy university student. If your one of the Nursing or STEM students that are in high demand, you can keep your debt and transfer your credits. After graduation, you can easily find a high paying job and erase your student loan easily. However, this case is not beneficial for every graduating student at Argosy University. Some students are in a tight job market or graduating from useless degree programs. Therefore, for them getting a good job and erasing their Argosy university-related student loan could be challenging.

How can you apply for Argosy university discharge program?

The best feature of the Argosy university discharge program is that you only need to contact your student loan service agency and tell them that you want to apply for the closed school student loan discharge. After that, your student loan servicer will guide you through the whole process from beginning till the end, give you detailed information what you should do, and make sure that you are on the right path to eliminate your student loan. The typical process starts with you contacting your student loan services telling that you want to discharge your loan via closed school program. In the second phase of the process, your services will provide you with the required paperwork. You will need to complete it with the required information and return it to the servicer. In the last phase, your servicer will send this application form to the Department of Education, who is responsible for discharging your student debt.

And that’s all you need to do for applying for the discharge program. As you can realize, it is much easier than on other federal student loan program. The only action you need to take while the application process is to continue your monthly payments until you qualify for the discharge program. Otherwise, it could cause problems for you and prevent you from qualifying for the discharge program. Additionally, make regular meetings with your student loan servicer to ensure that they are handling your discharge application process effectively. Otherwise, you could make additional payments that you do not need after you qualify for the discharge program.

Other tuition recovery fund refunds

If you want to get your money back spent on Argosy university closed school discharge program is not the only option here. There exists another kind of discharge program called “State Tuition Recovery Fund Refunds.” According to this discharge program, the state pays your tuition and expenses back you spent while attending Argosy University. You can quickly learn if you qualify for the State Tuition Recovery Fund Refunds program. For that, you need to contact your state’s Postsecondary Education Agency. They will help you to refund your money and guide you during the process of refund. You can easily find out whom you need to contact via writing “YOURSTATE Postsecondary Education Agency” in the google search. You need to communicate the agency that comes as the first option in the google search. Then the next steps are similar to the previous ones: you will contact with the agency, and ask them if you are eligible to apply for the refund program.There are a lot of ways for the Argosy university student loan forgiveness, but here in the article, we have mentioned the easiest and the fastest ones. Again as we have mentioned earlier, these methods are not the only ones to eliminate your Argosy university student loan and not suitable for everyone. You can easily search for other student loan forgiveness programs and apply for one of them to remove your student loan.

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