DeVry Loan Forgiveness for Students

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On 13 December 2018, it was announced by the Education Department that they would start approving $150,000,000 in Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharges.

It means there is an excellent opportunity for DeVry borrowers, which is they can see their loans forgiven in this round. So, if you are one of those borrowers, I strongly advise you to carefully read this article. It will discuss every necessary detail on how you can get your DeVry student loan forgiveness realized. 

If you have already applied for a discharge, ensure to check your emails carefully. But if you have not yet, I recommend you to submit your application as soon as possible. It will significantly raise your chances of getting forgiveness in this round.

DeVry Loan Forgiveness Benefits You In 2 Ways

The DeVry student loan forgiveness plan can benefit you in two ways. 

The first one is the settlement of FTC with DeVry. It provides small but immediate refund checks. Here, you will get around $280 on average in the initial wave. In the second round, this amount will be $70.

The second way that it can benefit you is the Borrower’s Defense Discharge. To be honest, this one demands some serious work. However, once achieved, you will get the entire amount of your loan forgiven. 

It is crystal clear that being eligible for the discharge of Borrower’s Defense is much better. Yet FTC settlement has been more prevalent among people in the past few years despite it only paying back $350 to borrowers. 

$350 is undoubtedly much better compared to getting nothing literally. But it is not anything compared to the benefit you can get from Borrower’s Defense Discharge. Just imagine that you can get the whole loan forgiven through it. On top of that, any amount you have paid DeVry would be refunded.

Let’s dig out both of these options for you to have a better understanding of what you are expected to do. 

Fractional Refunds You Can Get from DeVry

In July 2017, it was announced by FTC that they were starting to partially refund money to former DeVry students. The average amount for students was around $280. 

The primary motive behind this was a lawsuit that DeVry University faced. And it was proven that DeVry was making lying promises to students to attract them.

Considering the fact that once in a blue moon, a huge school was paying refunds to its students, I think these fractional refunds are okay. On the contrary, these amounts are a little more than nothing. 

Further, in the spring of 2019, it was announced by FTC that almost $10,000,000 were in the settlement reserve. That is why they were going to refund students for the second time. This time only $70 refund per student was made. 

But if you should pay a huge amount to DeVry, $350 checks would not anyway be suitable for you. And there is a significantly better option ahead of you—Borrower’s Defense Discharge, which is going to help you get all your loans forgiven.

Forgiveness Through Borrower’s Defense


Borrower’s Defense Discharge Program is one of the programs that is talked about very often. I guess you already know why. Well, it enables you to get a complete discharge regardless of the amount you owe to your school. Plus, the program will refund you the full amount you have ever paid. Surely for this, you have to indicate that you have borrowed this money to pay for that school and was unfortunately defrauded. 

Now the good sign here is DeVry has confessed any type of illegal activity, such as running advertisements on the internet, TV, radio, etc. These advertisements were literally lying regarding untrue facts, like earning levels of the graduated students from there. That is the very reason I encourage you to claim your money since it is not that difficult to claim your rights against them. All you need is to know the nuts and bolts of the program. And that is something that I will clarify below. 

But before that, get familiar with the downside of the DeVry University student loan forgiveness program. The thing is thousands of ex-students of DeVry have already applied for a claim for Borrower’s Defense. And it is taking more than one year for students to know whether their claims are approved or not. Therefore, you will be better off by submitting your application very soon

Trump’s Thoughts on Defense Discharge

Another strong reason why I urge you to apply for it right now is the reform of student loans by President Trump. As you may know, he wants to entirely abolish the Borrower’s Defense Discharge program. So, if you submit your application before President Trump eliminates it, you will be eligible for the benefit even if the president cancels the program afterward. 

Now you have a good understanding of the benefits of Borrower’s Defense. Let’s move to what you should do to fill the application properly in order to access all the benefits it offers. 

How Should You Write the Claim for Borrower’s Defense?

You need to remember one crucial nuance very well when filing a claim against the University of DeVry. This process is legally binding. And that means you have to include the facts only. Stating anything different than the reality in your claim can result in severe consequences.

Remember that you will have to accuse DeVry with any kind of unlawful activity done from their side. And you should also clearly note that the unlawful activity they have done was the major motivation behind you taking a loan and paying for the education they offered.

To be more precise, they will only approve your application in case you strongly prove that you took the loan to attend DeVry college since they committed an illegitimate action, such as lying regarding the rates of job placement. 

Do not get discouraged so quickly. There is a positive nuance with respect to claiming your money through Borrower’s Defense. And that is it will be almost a child’s play to prove them wrong. As noted above, DeVry has confessed all types of illegal activities to attract potential students. For instance, they had stated that their bachelor graduates earn 15% more compared to graduates from other competing schools. Now that they have accepted all types of accusations, I believe it should not be a challenge for you to benefit from the DeVry loan forgiveness program through Borrower’s Defense. 

I will line up a number of the illegitimate activities which DeVry has committed and admitted. Thus, you can consider whether any of them has occurred with you. Consequently, you can utilize them as motives for the forgiveness of your loans related to DeVry. 

devrry student loan

What Kind of Illegitimate Behavior has DeVry Done?

DeVry University, at last, confessed the misbehavior they had done regarding defrauding their prospective students. Hence, they had an agreement to pay $100,000,000 to clear an accusation with the FTC. 

There is the finance that was leveraged to repay the ex DeVry students through automated payments of FTC. Yet do not forget that DeVry University has made the confession regarding having done any type of illegal behavior. And that is what you can leverage as data in your application of Borrower’s Defense. 

One of the interesting findings was about 90% of graduates finding jobs within six months after they graduate. What made this fact even more curious was that DeVry had claimed it had been a trend since 1975. Obviously, the Education Department investigated this issue. As a result, DeVry was unable to bring any proof.

My advice to you is to check when you have gotten an email showing whether it was a fact. Also, an advisor of enrollment could have told you about it. The sources can be various. But if you can prove it, then you will have a very significant chance of getting DeVry student loan forgiveness.

False Claim on the Income of Bachelor Graduates

There was another false claim by DeVry that Bachelor graduates earn 15% more than their counterparts from other schools. Certainly, they could not show any proof to the Education Department for this statement.

You can use this claim, as well, if you came across it sometime in the past. Needless to say, you should emphasize that you had agreed to attend the DeVry due to this very fact. So, if you can find any evidence regarding this false promise, it can gain you the benefit provided by Borrower’s Defense.

The main point that you should pay attention to here is these assurances are outlawed. And since they are recognized as deceitful advertising, you should include them on your application of Borrower’s Defense as illegal behavior. 

Your Claims Should Be Clear

When filling out the application of Borrower’s Defense, you should remember that somebody from the Education Department will review it. That means you have to be able to persuade them with the purpose of the document you submit. In other words, they should believe that you borrowed the money only for attending DeVry University on account of the points they misled you about. 

I recommend you to narrate a story regarding the impact of these false claims on you. Mention in your application that you were in front of a dilemma about going to a cheaper state college and DeVry. And the fact that they told you their bachelor graduates have 15% more income than the ones from other competitive colleges encouraged you to go there. And that was the reason for taking a bigger loan to attend this college. Do not forget to mention that otherwise, you would not have borrowed this much money for attending another local college. 

Further, mention that you were probably going to attend a vocational school if it was not for their ads. Yet when you noticed their ads regarding 90% of graduates finding jobs within six months after graduation, this information made you think the taken risk was decreased.  

I believe you totally understand what I am trying to convey here. If you are unable to prepare a story similar to this one on your application, odds are they will reject it. Bear in mind that Borrower’s Defense is heavily dependent on one idea; you would never have chosen to take the student loans if you had not seen a deceptive activity. And not being able to create such a story will perhaps prevent you from accessing the benefits of the DeVry student loan forgiveness program

Where Should You File Your Application for Borrowers?

You should go to one place only to file a claim of Borrower’s Defense against DeVry. It is the official Government site of the US for the program of Borrower’s Defense. 

I strongly advise you not to file a claim with anybody else. Keep in mind that all else who tries to get this data from you can be a student loan swindler. You surely do not want to be a victim of identity theft. 

Moreover, it is essential to remember that this claim is legally binding when filling your claim application. It means you have to mention the facts with respect to everything when submitting the form to the Education Department. Make sure you are not lying. I advise you not even to exaggerate.

Be extremely honest and open about what you experienced. That said, do not fear to accuse DeVry. Especially, if they, in fact, did something that caused you to borrow money to attend them. That is the only way for you to access the DeVry student loan forgiveness program. 

You Can Get Help From Student Relief Helpline

It is true that you can do all the work regarding application to benefit from DeVry student loan forgiveness. That said, it is still a pretty good idea to get help from the student relief helpline. Ideally, they will do all the work on your behalf and at a very high level. And they will ensure that all your filing is complete without any issue. Still, they cannot make sure that the Education Department will approve your application. So, balance your expectations from them in case you use their service.

Student loans resolved is one of the best ones in the industry to assist you with such processes. If you, for a reason, do not want to prepare the Borrower’s Defense application yourself, you can use the help of them without blinking. They are experts in the field and have submitted tons of applications on behalf of many students. And due to their thorough experience, they know very well how to fill the application. In this regard, by using their service, you can be better off as a result of increasing the chance of approval. 

How to Track Your Application of Borrower’s Defense?

For now, unfortunately, there is not any possibility to monitor the condition of your Borrower’s Defense application. 

It means you will have only to pray so that the correct people access it, review it appropriately, and approve. 

Once again, it is worth mentioning that Trump is not a fan of Borrower’s Defense at all. That is also the reason Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary appointed by Trump, is doing her best to cancel this program. 

Therefore, I once again encourage you to start working on your application now. You should also be extremely careful when filling it out. Take into account that in case you submit an inaccurate and inadequate application, your luck can expire in case they abolish the program meanwhile. So, get started right away today as long as you can benefit from the DeVry student loan forgiveness. 

Is the Forgiven Debt Amount Taxable?

A very upsetting fact is that it is taxable. In this case, the type of your loans does not make any difference, either. You will have to claim the amount forgiven through Borrower’s Defense program as a taxable income. Let’s have an example so that you understand it better.

Imagine that you get $15,000 amount forgiven through Borrower’s Defense program. In this case, you will be obliged to include that amount into your yearly income on tax return. It means you will have to pay some percentage on this amount later. And that will come to your rate of tax bracket. For instance, if your tax bracket has a rate of 20%, then you will have to $3000 out of $15,000 forgiven amount as a tax. 

Based on the above example, you will be better off by $12,000. That said, you will have to pay $3000 as a lump sum payment. And such tax amounts can be very sudden, as well as, considerable for some people. That is why I recommend you to be ready for such an amount to pay as soon as your DeVry student loan forgiveness is realized. 

Are All DeVry Loans Refunded?

You need to be aware of every single detail when submitting your application for Borrower’s Defense program. Now the thing is only loans provided by DeVry directly are refunded and canceled. 

It means if you obtained your loans from a private entity or from the Federal Government, you would be unable to get a refund or cancellation automatically.

Do not rush to be sad yet. None of these mean that you will not be able to get DeVry student loan forgiveness. Indeed the representative of the Education Department showed that anyone with a DeVry student loan would be able to qualify for Borrower’s Defense discharge. As the Government has proven that DeVry openly deceived a lot of students, all the people affected by the DeVry will be eligible for the DeVry student loan forgiveness. That means if you are among those people deceived by DeVry, you have quite a good chance of benefiting from Borrower’s Defense program.


DeVry student loan forgiveness is a dream of many people. Still, it is not that challenging to achieve. All you have to do is to fill out the form of Borrower’s Defense properly and submit it. That said, you are now aware of the attitude of President Trump on this cancellation program. So, it can be eliminated at any time soon. It is the reason I repeatedly explained the significance of applying for forgiveness as soon as possible. At the same time, once again, do not forget to fill the application very carefully. 

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