Everything you need to know about Anthem College Loan Forgiveness


Student loan forgiveness is a way to get rid of your educational debts if you are among millions of borrowers. You may qualify for a discharge if you are looking where you are supposed to look at. As you might already know, there are many schools closed their doors for good, and left many students stuck with their student loans. Anthem college is among these closed schools. After the announcement of its closure, Anthem college agreed to discharge the student loan debts of who qualify. Read the article, learn how to get Anthem college loan forgiveness and how to eliminate your debts. We will cover everything you need to know about Anthem college loan forgiveness, the lawsuit and the programs you may qualify for.


The Anthem College Lawsuit

Anthem College is among the schools misleading many students. After the investigations done by the US Senate, the college closed its doors permanently.

A lot of discussions generated about fraudulent activities and ways to qualify for loan forgiveness: the lawsuit against the college was from students with massive student loan debts about their ineligibility of finding jobs because of their poor education level.



Fraudulent activities of Anthem College

After the US Senate’s investigations in Anthem College, it was clear for everybody that the college exaggerated its education quality, misled and defrauded the students, as well as break the US laws by its illegal marketing activities.

The perfect side of this for the students with lots of Anthem student loan debts is that they can use these facts in their Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge application and claim to get complete loan forgiveness.

What are these fraudulent activities of Anthem College? Here are some illicit activities which US Senate reported:

  • Misrepresenting the quality of education acquired in Anthem College
  • Lying students about the credit transferability. After being left with a vast amount of student loans from Anthem College, students find out that the credits earned in the college are not applicable in any other college
  • Defrauding students about employment rates of former students and employment perspectives after graduation on their respective educational program in Anthem College.

Here is a quick tip for you. If you want to make Borrower Defense claim, make sure you use documents proving all these fraudulent activities we mentioned above. Additional materials will strengthen your Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge application and lift the chances of getting Anthem College loan forgiveness.


In the next sections of our article, we will discuss all the possibilities of eliminating your student loan debts, and the qualifications you need to make your claim, as well as how to benefit from these deceitful activities caused by Anthem College against you.


How to Qualify for an Anthem College Loan Forgiveness

There is a chance for getting loan forgiveness via programs available in 2019. There are two main ways to get rid of your Anthem college loans:

  • Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge (BDR)
  • Closed School Loan Discharge (CSLD)

We will give you information about each program, eligibility requirements, how to apply and how to get an advantage of the program you are eligible.

If you are a former Anthem college student with lots of student loan debts. Well, you came to the right address. Via these forgiveness programs available you may get Anthem College loan forgiveness and even benefit from it, meaning to get a refund for the amount you have already paid.

Borrower’s Defense or Closed School Discharge

As we already mentioned above, there are two ways to eliminate your Anthem College student loan debts. You may either choose to go with Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge or Closed School Loan Discharge program. You can find proper information about the qualifications of each program separately right below. But, firstly let’s get a piece of brief information about each of them.


To get Anthem College loan forgiveness through Borrower Defense to Repayment program, all you have to do is to make your claim, honestly strong enough to qualify for forgiveness, even for a refund. Closed School Loan Discharge program is another way of getting loan forgiveness. The first thing to be eligible for Closed School loan discharge program is you need to be enrolled at the university while at the time it was closed or were not able to finish your study program in Anthem.

If you qualify for each program and not sure about choosing which path to go, our recommendation is doing your search for the programs and choosing the one suits you the best.

Eligibility for Anthem College Closed School Discharge

Anthem College shut its doors in 2014. The good news for you, if you were enrolling at that time, you may be eligible for Anthem College loan forgiveness via Closed School Loan Discharge program.

To be eligible for Closed School loan discharge, you have to enroll at the college while its closure is announced or college shut its doors shortly after your withdrawal (no more than 120 days).

We have an article about eligibility requirements and application process of Closed School Loan Discharge program, but we will summarize the qualifications and applications process here to make it easy for you.

The eligibility requirements for getting loan forgiveness are briefly as followings:

  • As we already mentioned, you have to enroll at the Anthem College during its closure or left college no more than 120 days after its closure is announced
  • You can not have to get all the credits of your degree program at Anthem College
  • You did not transfer your credits to another school with the respective degree program from Anthem College

Learn about your BDR application status

If you think you are meeting these eligibility requirements, you may get a Closed School loan discharge for your student loan debts. After finding out that you are qualified for this program, all you have to do is filling and submitting your application accordingly.


One of the available ways to get loan forgiveness is Borrower Defense against Repayment Discharge. The great news is if you can make your Borrower Defense claim strong, you may be eligible to get a complete student loan forgiveness for your Anthem College loans.

To be eligible for this program, you have to prove that the college defrauded or misled you. As many people already know the fraudulent and illicit marketing activities of Anthem College, you can claim the college. Fill out the BDAR application correctly and make your claim convincing enough that Anthem College defrauded you, and misrepresented its academic program quality, job replacement of former students and much more.

It is clear for everybody that Anthem College broke the US laws, as it makes you eligible for Anthem College loan forgiveness via BDR. Just fill the application form, make your claim and show that you deserve the student loan discharge. After submitting your BDR application successfully, all you have to do is to wait patiently. You will get the answer from the Department of Education. It may take time to get a response to your application.

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