How to Get Westwood College Loan Forgiveness?

Westwood college loan forgiveness

Westwood is one of the colleges that has upset a lot of students by false promises. Luckily, their tricks were revealed by the Department of Education. It means the amount of $150,000,000 in Borrower’s Defense Discharge applies to sufferers from Westwood college, too. So if you have also suffered from their deceptive actions, now is your time to be compensated. You have a good chance of getting your loan forgiven if you have submitted your application of Borrower’s Defense. If you have not, there is still a chance that you get Westwood college loan forgiveness. And this article will carefully guide you through the process. 


Two Ways You Can Get Your Westwood Loans Cancelled

You can achieve the cancellation of your Westwood loans in two ways. These are the Borrower’s Defense Discharge program and the Closed School Loan Discharge Program. 

Before moving to the nuts and bolts of both these options, you need to define one thing. Which one of these will work the best for you? Bear in mind that you can choose only one of them. To be able to use the other one, you have to wait for the results of the previous application. Also, choosing just one of them will make you better off in terms of both time and money. 

So, let’s go through them both in more detail. 

Getting Your Westwood College Loan Forgiven Through Borrower’s Defense

Westwood college loan forgiveness

The Borrower’s Defense Discharge program enables you to get free from your loans. Note that it only works for situations when the college has done something unlawful, such as misrepresenting their services to entice more students. If you are here reading this article, it means you have suffered from the practices applied by Westwood College. I would like to bring to your attention that Westwood college has implemented all types of illegal behavior to deceive their prospective students. It means, ideally, there should not be a challenge to get your application of Borrower’s Defense to Repayment approved. The only thing you have to ensure is to fill out the form correctly. 

Do not forget the fact that already more than a thousand Westwood students have got approval for their Borrower’s Defense Discharges. This fact, once again, shows how feasible it is for you to take advantage of this program.

I advise you to go for one of the accusations of Westwood, which is very popular in public. Linking your claim with one of such guilt they have made will increase your chances of achieving forgiveness. 


The excellent news here is if you manage to fill the application form appropriately. If it is reviewed by the Education Department properly, there is no reason why you would owe any money to Westwood. On top of that, you will even get a refund of any amount you have paid Westwood.

How Should You Write The Application for Borrower’s Defense?

Westwood college loan forgiveness does not come for free. You should file a claim of Borrower’s Defense against Westwood for it. But the point is your statement should be crystal clear, and you should be able to show that you took loans because of their illegitimate behavior.

A representative from the Education Department will be reading your application. It means you have to indicate that you would not have taken that loan if it was not for the deceptive actions you experienced. And those actions were the main motive behind your attendance to the Westwood college. 

The good side of the Westwood college issue is it is not something complicated to prove their wrongful act towards you. They have already confessed their fault of breaching consumer protection act.

The most vital part of the application of Borrower’s Defense is to bring a specific example from their illegal activities. For instance, you can talk about something which the advisors of enrollment did. Or it is also possible to talk about an advertisement which was not reflecting the truth. In short, you need to find proof that the Education Department will accept. 

Getting Loan Forgiveness Through Closed School Loan Program

You may think Westwood college has not tricked you in any way. Or for any reason, you may not want to claim through Borrower’s Defense. That is totally okay. It is because there is another way to get Westwood college loan forgiveness. And that is through a closed school loan program. 


This program was initiated to assist those who were unable to graduate on account of the closure of the school. Yet there are some nuances you need to pay attention to here. Only certain people will qualify for this loan cancellation program. They come in two groups. The first group includes those who were still students in Westwood college when it was closed. The second group, however, are those who had left the college within 120 days before the closure of this college. 

Now another critical point pops up. When did it close factually? Well, Westwood college closed on 8 March, 2016. It means if you were still an official student in Westwood college on that date, you would be eligible for this program. Likewise, if you had withdrawn from the school within 120 days before the date, you can be qualified for Westwood college loan forgiveness via the Closed School Loan Program. 

How Can You Qualify for a Closed School Loan Program?

Westwood college loan forgiveness

You are now aware of the fundamental requirements to qualify for closed school discharge for Westwood college. That being said, there are some other criteria you should meet to get the cancellation of your loans through a closed school program. 

Initially granted, you should ensure that you were not enrolled at another school studying a similar program there, after having transferred your credits from Westwood. Second, you cannot have finished all the coursework but haven’t gotten your diploma due to the school closure. So, if you have completed all the tasks and the only thing left was receiving your diploma, you will not qualify for this discharge program. 

Now think if you meet both of the requirements mentioned above. If yes, then I do not see any reason why you would not be eligible for Westwood college loan forgiveness.

Which Program is Better for You?

Ideally, there is not any massive difference between these two programs for Westwood college loan forgiveness. Both of them will benefit you almost at the same level. That said, I would be a little inclined to go for the closed school loan program. Well, mainly because it will take more time with the application of the Borrower’s Defense Discharge. Also, I believe that closed school loan forgiveness programs are relatively easier to get approved. Therefore, I would choose it over the first option. 


You should now be aware of the important details concerning both options for Westwood college loan forgiveness. As you can see, you should do some paperwork for them both, and the results will not be announced with lightspeed. Still, I encourage you to apply as soon as possible and fill the application as well as possible. Though these points may not seem very significant to you, they are, in fact, very impactful for getting your student loan forgiveness applications approved.

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