Loan Cancellation Now Possible for former Brightwood College Students

Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness

Last week one of the college chains called Education Corp. of America announced about closing its campuses by 2020. These campuses located in many areas of America and there are colleges like Virginia College, Brightwood College, Eotech Institutes, and the Golf Academy of America. All of these events lead to a great deal of stress, confusion among students of Brightwood College Students and of course, the others which we counted above. Is there any way to benefit from Brightwood college student loan forgiveness? As a majority of them do not know how to get their transcripts, are their credits will transfer to other colleges, what they should do for Brightwood college student loan forgiveness or completely what they are should do to continue their education.


Of course, this disturbing news made a huge sound among students and their families, as the closing these colleges impact about 20.000 students. We can say that it is not the first accident and a similar situation took place in 2016.  That time the known ITT Technical Institutes closed its door to the students. Another fact was with Corinthian Colleges. They are also shut down. 

In this kind of situation, the main question of the students of Brightwood College Students is how to complete their degree programs. What kind of advantages of Student Loan Forgiveness?

Another disruptive situation is related to student loans. Because most of the students have taken advantage of the government programs to fund their study. We did some research in this case, and there are some options which borrowers can benefit. With the help of the closure of Brightwood College or related colleges, students could to get Brightwood-related student loan debt discharged and also benefit from Student Loan Forgiveness program.

This post will help you to deal with this process.

In our previous topics, we informed you about different student forgiveness programs. Let’s look at what we should do in such kind of situations.

How to benefit if the college was closed?

If you faced this type of situation, then we have some good news for you. As you know, it is not the first event which took place in America and the government paid attention to these situations and offered a program. It is called Closed School Student Loan Discharge Program. This program gives you a chance to take advantage of the Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness program.


Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness program helps students those who faced problems like this and give them an opportunity to finish their study program. Another beneficial side of this program is, it is not hard to apply, and when you apply for this program the request is approved by the Department of Education. So if you want to receive the closed school discharge must apply through the U.S. Department of Education. If you meet the requirement, then it is easy as you think. So let’s look at what is the requirements of this program.


How to take advantage of the Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness program?

As we mentioned above, there are some requests which help you to benefit from Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness program.

Under some circumstances, students could get profit from the program.

-If you enrolled and you could not finish your education before your school or college shut down.

-If 120 days passed after you withdrew from their education program which means you were not an active student when your college or school was closed.

-Moreover, if you were on a leave absence while your school shut down.

All of these facts taken into account by the Federal Government and you are being known as “enrolled” student.

And it means that you can continue your education in another school or college and actually, your credits should transfer to that place. But we should emphasize that most of the time it does not work, because after Brightwood college shut down their student could not benefit from this, and their accreditation credentials were stripped! If the student interested in transferring their credits he can also reach out to local schools for transfer options.

What if the student could not answer the requirements for attending another school?

If the student could not transfer his credits to another school, then he can receive the closed school discharge.

There are some advantages of Closed School Discharge from Brightwood. When you apply for discharges, it means that all your loans will be wiped out entirely and there is no need to pay off money which was borrowed for your study program. Another good news is that on the contrary of the  Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge program this Discharge program release you from paying pay taxes on the forgiven debt!

Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness

Additionally, Closed School Student Loan Discharges are given automatically, without any review from the Department of Education.


Of course, if you are eligible for this Discharge program and for now, you are one of the students at Brightwood College.

To get further information student must contact a federal loan provider to get more information. So keep going.


What should the student do to take advantage of Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness?

If as a student you want to apply for Closed School Discharge you should know about the process. The process for applying for a Brightwood discharge is not so hard. First of all, you have to contact with your loan officer and explain to him your situation and ask for help. The loan officer starts the process of issuing your Closed School Discharge.

How it works and what the student needs to start the process?

You study,  attended or enrolled in school or college while it was not shut down.

You should contact your loan servicer and informed about your situation, and they let you know what you need to do to be qualified for the Closed School Discharge application.

Your loan servicer provides you with applications, which must be completed by you.

Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness

In the end, the Department of Education processes the paperwork and when the process completed Federal student loan debt is entirely forgiven.

Additionally, do not forget about monthly payments until the discharge paperwork is finalized and it’s all done and settled. In the end, all of these procedures make you Brightwood loans discharged!

What about State Tuition Recovery Fund Refunds

There is another program that could be interesting for the student who eligible for the Closed School Discharge Program. This program is called “State Tuition Recovery Fund Refunds.” This program also can be counted beneficial as the program pays you back for tuition and expenses that you incurred at the school.


To get more information and check if you are eligible or not. So you should contact the state’s Postsecondary Education Agency. This agency consists of people who are managing accreditations, determining laws, monitoring compliance and so on.

What the other options to get rid of this situation?

If you stuck with debt and could not benefit from Brightwood College Student Loan Forgiveness program, do not give up quickly. Do not forget about other options. They could be useful for you — for example, one of the Federal Student Loan Relief Programs. If you are a private student, then these options do not work for you. Students who impacted by closure school or college should understand that the circumstances could be different for all of you. So pay attention to all of the processes if you faced with similar problems.

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