Vatterott College Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness program is what every student with loans might dream of. The federal government forgives your debt, and you do not even need to pay that amount back. If we consider the current depressing statistics of student loans, this program has huge benefits for students. Any student who is eligible for the Vatterott College student loan forgiveness program will not make any loan or income payments. Besides, the process is very straightforward and takes less time. However, if you do not pay much attention to crucial details of Vatterott College loan forgiveness, the program can be harmful. You need to forego your credits for being eligible. Also, you can be lost among much paperwork. But you should not worry about the negative sides. Student Loans Resolved, with its expert team, is ready to help you in each step of the forgiveness program. 

Vatterott College

Vatterott College was established in 1969 in St.Louis. This facility was for profit organization with the purpose of career training. Besides, it specializes in business, medical, culinary, and other fields. The college had various campuses around midwest of the United States. Also, it offered a distant education. In 1969, its name was Urban Technical Center, and in 1989 its name was changed into Vatterott College. The college expanded its operation to Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Dallas, Texas, and other places. Till 2017, it was an accredited center that seemed to operate successfully. However, in 2017, the administration of Obama carried a test for gainful employment. Forty programs of Vatterott College could not pass the test. Soon in November of 2018 many campuses closed. Usually, this type of center needs to get accreditation by the Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. As the US Department of Education recognizes this accreditation, the college needs it to operate. However, finally, one month later, the college lost its accreditation completely and closed all centers. However, the good news is that officials created an opportunity for students to get the benefit of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness.

Why Did the College Fail?

Other than not proving the educational importance of its facilities for accreditation, Vatterott College was involved in scandals. This bad news was all around the media and damaged the reputation of the college. Besides, mismanagement of the college made it the target of the Obama administration. For instance, in 2013, the college lost in the lawsuit and paid 13 million$ to one of its graduates. The student claimed that college representatives misled her. She wanted to be a nurse, but the college did not offer any nurse programs. Instead, the representative ensured that she would be able to be a nurse if she enrolls the medical assistance program. After spending thousands of dollars for student loans and studying for 60 weeks, the mother of two children learned that she could not be a nurse with that degree. Even worse, she did not also need to enroll in that program to be an assistant. As a result, she sued the college and got 13 million as punitive damages. The reputation of the respective center was again damaged in 2017. The action of Vatterott College again offended the people. The reason was that the president of the Kansas campus allowed a student to stay overnight in a library. He justified that the weather temperature was below 0. Therefore, he believed that a student could not stay outside in such a degree. He did a favor to the homeless student. However, when the truth was revealed, Vatterott College officials fired the president. This news created a negative public image for Vatterott.

How Severe Was the Issue?

Closing of Vatterott College was a big explosion in the news for the reasons for closure. Government officials and administratives of the college had a tough time to make operations smooth. They tried to make the process of closing less harmful. However, they were not able to help the student fully. College officials announced that they would try to find new schools for students who were still enrolled. However, this process also was partially not successful. Looking at the statistics, we can understand the negative sides of the closure.

 Only in Vatterott College in Berkeley, more than 95% of first-year students borrowed loans to cover their costs. These loans were both federal and private type. On average, these loans were equal to around 9500$. Besides, as students study more, they took loans in higher quantities. As a result, at the end of the year, an average student has almost 40 000$ worth of the debt. We should not also ignore the fact that these numbers do not count other loans such as Parent PLUS. Parent PLUS loan is a fixed-rate student loans for parents. This type of loan was also possible for Vatterott College and it is also covered by Vatterott College loan forgiveness.

Default Rates

Again, we take the sample of Vatterott College in Berkeley. Almost 30% of students defaulted on their loans after three years following their graduation. The student is considered defaulted the loan if they do not make any payment for 270 days. We should also remind that a 30% default rate was only applicable to federal loans. There existed many private loans, too. To help you imagine how serious was the issue, let’s compare this rate. At the national level, the three-year default rate is only 7% while at Vatterott College it was 30%. This difference means that students in this college were heavily dependent on loans. Therefore, when it was closed, the student’s debt to income ratio led them to search for Vatterott College loan forgiveness.

What is Student Loan Forgiveness?

Before passing to Vatterott College loan forgiveness, let’s first understand the essence of the program. There exist many benefits of federal loans compared to private loans. One of those advantages is that you can be qualified for loan forgiveness. As a result of loan forgiveness, the federal government can decrease your debt partially. Moreover, your loan can also be 100% discharged. As a result, with Vatterott College loan forgiveness, you do not need to make loan payments anymore.

Types of Student Loan Forgiveness

There exist several types of loan forgiveness. One of them is Teacher Loan Forgiveness. After graduating, if you teach for five years in a low-income school, you can decrease your loan around 17 000$. Another example is Public Service Loan Forgiveness. You need to work for public service or not-for-profit organization to be eligible for this forgiveness. Besides, you need to make 120 payments while working full-time. Then, the federal government will forgive the remaining amount of the loan. Next, there is Borrowed Defense to Repayment. If the educational center mismanages or misleads you, then you can benefit from this forgiveness. This type is similar to the case of the woman who sued Vatterott college. She also received student loan forgiveness of Vatterott College as the representative misled her.Also, student forgiveness is possible if you have any permanent or temporary disability. However, there are many conditions that you need to satisfy to be eligible. The list of loan forgiveness types is long, and you can get information about them in Student Loans Resolved. The last example to look at is Closed School Discharge. It is the category of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness. If your school closes while you study or some days after you withdrew, then you can benefit from this forgiveness. You can find the exact conditions of Vatterott college loan forgiveness in the list below. 

Eligibility for Vatterott College Student Loan Forgiveness

According to the Vatterott closure fact sheet, December 2018 was the last month of Vatterott college to operate. Besides, officials announced that the 18th of the month would be the day for determining whether the school was eligible for Vatterott College student loan forgiveness. Not each closed college is available for loan discharge. There should exist some criteria to grant loan forgiveness to college. After, you need to fulfill some requirements to benefit from Vatterott College loan forgiveness. 


You would be 100% free of paying any student loan debt under the conditions mentioned hereafter. Do not also forget that parents of students who took Parent PLUS loans will also be applicable for Vatterott College loan forgiveness.

  1. You were still enrolled in Vatterott College coursework when it stopped operating. As a result, you could not finalize your program and get a degree. This condition also includes the situation if you were absent due to government student aid programs.
  2. If you withdrew from classes 120 or less day before the college was closed, you are eligible for Vatterott College loan forgiveness. In a particular way, if you withdrew on or after the 19th of August, you will benefit from forgiveness.
Not Eligible for Vatterott College Student Loan Forgiveness

To make things more clear, let’s look at conditions when you are not eligible to Vatterott college loan forgiveness. If any following terms are actual, then, unfortunately, you cannot qualify for loan forgiveness. 

  1. You had already completed all program requirements before the college closed. This term is also applicable if you finalized the coursework and did not receive your degree, yet. 
  2. You had withdrawn the classes before the 19th of August, 2018. 
  3. If you completed a program in another college that you transferred your credits from Vatterott to that school. 

Moreover, if you did not use your credits earned in Vatterott in a new school, you could benefit from student loan forgiveness of Vatterott College.

Advantages of Student Loan Forgiveness

There are several advantages of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness. First and foremost, you do not need to pay any loans after a student loan forgiveness program. Considering that an average student of Vatterott College graduated with 40 000$ debt, being able to discharge it is fantastic news. Besides, sometimes tax payments are associated with forgiveness. However, as you release, you do not need to worry about tax payments anymore. Also, the eligibility criteria of Vatterott College loan forgiveness is so simple. You do not need to apply various places or wait in the queue to learn if you are eligible. Usually, the Department of Education takes around 120 days to review your situation. After they decide whether your loan is discharged or not. This process might be stressful, and you can still pay a lot of money during that period. Other than those benefits, you can get your loan forgiven even if you did not receive your degree when the college closed. Therefore, Vatterott College student loan forgiveness is one of the most accessible and most simple discharge programs for you to benefit. 

Disadvantages of Student Loan Forgiveness

While forgiveness, and being out of debt looks pretty attractive, there are some downsides. You need to be careful while applying to these programs. Below you can see some aspects of the negative results of student loan forgiveness programs. Therefore, if you want to get the benefit of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness, get familiar with the below-listed threats beforehand. 

Restricted Transfer

As said before, to be eligible, you need to forego all your credits earned in Vatterott College. If you would like to continue with another school, you cannot benefit from Vatterott College loan forgiveness. You need to erase all your credits and achievements. This term might be okay for some students. If you have a tremendous amount of debt, it is advisable to forget about all the credits of Vatterott and get forgiveness. However, you can let go of forgiveness program, if you think your credits are worth. Let’s say if you study in a highly demanded program, it is better to continue it in another school. Besides, your loan amount might not be that great, and you can afford it. Then, you will not need Vatterott College student loan forgiveness. 


This disadvantage might seem simple. However, you need to be careful about the documents that officials require. If you miss any of them, you will not be able to get much help. From our experience, we can ensure that government officials are not so helpful in student loan records. After all, government losses the money that you have to pay. Therefore, any mistake you make in terms of paperwork might end your forgiveness. You need to keep sound track of them and do not miss any deadlines. Thanks to Student Loans Resolved, we will help you in all paperwork issues. However, if you get a third-party help as Student Loans Resolved, you will not face those issues. Student Loans Resolved will analyze your current situation thoroughly. You can get our experts to advise just by contacting them. 

What are the Challenges?

Do not misunderstand the disadvantages of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness. The program can benefit you considerably if you get familiar with the term and conditions. However, there is much information that you need to read and understand. If you miss any point, you can lose your chance of erasing all your debt. Besides, there exist many different types of loan forgiveness programs. These types can include State-sponsored programs, Perkins Loans Cancellation, Death student debt discharge, etc. You might not be entirely sure which program is most beneficial in your case. Also, as said before, to be eligible, you should forget about all your credits in Vatterott. One of the conditions of Vatterott College student loan forgiveness is not transferring credits to another school. This term means you should start another college from scratch. The trade-offs that Vatterott College loan forgiveness offers are extensive. Therefore, you might feel lost among the abundance of information. The best way to do is by getting the help of a third party. If you need an expert opinion, Student Loans Resolved is here to guide you. 

What if you are not eligible for Vatterott College student loan forgiveness?

You can check your eligibility from the above section or by contacting Student Loans Resolved. If you find out that you are not eligible for Vatterott College student loan forgiveness, do not worry. Student Loans Resolved offers you many other programs. These programs include student debt consolidation, repayment plans, or any different kind of help. Do not lose your hope; you are not destined to suffer from borrowings. If you are not eligible for Vatterott College loan forgiveness, still contact us. Be aware that many scams can offer you help. However, they will get your money and do not provide any valuable services. Before finding a third-party, try to research about them and read reviews. To avoid all these issues, choose our services. We will find a way to help you get out. 

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