Westwood Colleges Scams, Fraud and Lawsuit complaints

As student loan forgiveness became the center of attention, it was clear for everybody that many schools defrauded the students in the USA. There are plenty of colleges on the list of scammers. For instance, Westwood College scams and lawsuit complaints are on the spot right now. The majority of the students plan to go to a prestige college and build a career in their field of study afterward. However, they learn about their college’s deceitful actions against them, after being left with lots of student loans. The students who have been impacted by Westwood College scams and lawsuit complaints are among the ones with a huge burden on their back, such as student loans.


In our article, we will investigate the ways to get student loan forgiveness for you, along with the scams and illegal actions of Westwood Colleges.

Brief information about Westwood College

Westwood College was founded in 1986 as a for-profit higher education institution. Until its closure in March 2016, more than 37,000 students graduated from the college. Apart from its 15 campuses, Westwood was offering online courses to the students in the states. After these scams became known by many people, students started to worry about their degree and student loans.

The great news is if you are one of the victims of Westwood College scams, you have an opportunity to get rid of your student loans. Before we start to find the options of student loan forgiveness, let’s learn about the fraudulent and illegal activities of Westwood.

Westwood College Fraudulent Activities

In other words, Westwood College scams have ended with $4.5 million settlement by the government. Here are the top list of Westwood College Fraudulent activities:

  1. Westwood misrepresented to the students, the employment rates of their study field;
  2. College defrauded students about the costs of their study programs and misled the students on financing and charged the irrelevant fees from them;
  3. Westwood College misled the students about the possibility of transferring credits they earn in Westwood to another college;
  4. College misreported the statistics about employment rates of former students and finding relevant jobs in their degree field;
  5. Westwood College scammed students about the wages of its graduates.

Are you a victim of scams, continue your reading to learn more about the options of removing your student loans. Any illicit activity against you can make you eligible for Westwood College student loan forgiveness.


Westwood College Lawsuit Complaints

Former Westwood College students in their lawsuit against the school accused the college in misleading and defrauding them. The College stuff used high-pressure tactics and false information to lift the enrollment at the university. Westwood College lawsuit complaints were mainly about Westwood College scams, such as incorrect job placement and salary rates of the former students.

Many students in their lawsuit, complaining about the deceitful tactics that the enrollment advisors used against the students. According to the news about lawsuit complaints of students, college stuff did not even consist of professionals in the education sphere.

Majority of the students just were left with scams and fraud, as they believed they would find high-salary jobs after graduation. Students claim that they are not able to get employment in their degree field to pay their student loans.

When students are worried about the price of their degree course, the financials officials defrauded the students that they will have scholarships or financial aids to study. The truth is, there were no scholarships, no grants, just the massive student loans.

After many people became aware of the Westwood College scams, they started to transfer their credits to another university. However, transferring the credits earned in Westwood was not making them eligible to apply to another college to continue their degree courses.


After the government investigations at the for-profit colleges, Westwood College was shut down with a settlement. The students were left with a vast amount of student loans. Hopefully, there are ways to get forgiveness for your Westwood College student loans.

Westwood College Student Loan Forgiveness

If you are one of the victims of Westwood College scams and struggling with your Westwood College student loans, read carefully. There are two options to get Westwood College student loan forgiveness. You may either apply to the Closed School Loan Discharge program or Borrower Defense against Repayment Discharge program.  

First of all, you have to determine the program which suits you the best. We recommend choosing the one in which the chances are high to get a student loan discharge for your Westwood College student loans. Let’s explore the eligibility requirements for each program.

To qualify for student loan discharge via Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharge, you have to claim that the university defrauded and misled you. Claim the college with illicit and deceitful activities against the state and the students. Many students succeeded in getting student loan discharge through the BDR program because they are one of the victims of scams, and you can be among them. Apply to the program online and send your application to your student loan servicer. Strength your claim with additional documents like your transcript of records, diploma or with an appropriate document. You can learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements from 2019 Guide on Borrower Defense to Repayment Discharges.


Closed School Loan Discharge Program for discharging the Westwood College student loans

If you are not eligible to claim Borrower Defense, your other choice of option is applying to the Closed School Loan Discharge program. Westwood College shut down in 2016, if you graduated till that day, you may be eligible to get student loan forgiveness via Closed School Loan Discharge program.

If you have completed your degree at the university, regardless of you not getting the diploma, or you withdrew soon after Westwood is closed, you may qualify to this discharge program. Make sure you have not enrolled or continued your degree at any other college with the same or compatible educational program.

As long as you respond to the eligibility requirements, the chances are high to get student loan forgiveness via Closed School Loan Discharge program.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for the program from here.

After you find out that you are eligible, then apply and get the student loan forgiveness.


Scams against the students

 Many fraudulent activities of Westwood College led to its closure. After the investigations, the college agreed with $15 million settlement to the criminal justice program graduates. The students who qualify for student loan discharge can now wipe out their Westwood college student loans. Many cases like this are a good sign for the students with a vast amount of student loans. If you think you are scammed and misled by Westwood College, apply to the BDR program, if not, then your other choice is Closed School Loan Discharge program. Learn about your eligibility and apply to get Westwood College student loan forgiveness.

After all, you find out that you are one of the sufferers of Westwood College scams, and your options to eliminate your Westwood student loans, you may now apply to the relevant program. As one of the for-profit schools, Westwood College defrauded the students about the quality of the education, as well as finding the jobs after graduation.

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